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Several types of rigs in water well drilling rigs

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The rig is one of the components that are often used in waterhole drilling rig equipment. The drilling needs to be erected high. The rigs of different types of water well drilling rigs are different. The basic types of rigs can be divided into steel abutments. Different types of rigs have their own unique features, such as wooden abutments and steel-wood hybrid abutments.
Different types of rigs need to be installed separately. The installation method can be divided into integral installation method and sectional installation method. During the installation process of the rig, certain installation process requirements are required, and safety equipment needs to be installed to ensure Safe production of water well drilling rigs. The safety equipment that must be installed on the rig includes: safety guardrails, rig towers, protective equipment, lightning protection equipment, etc. Among them, the installation of protective equipment is the most important, so as to ensure the production safety of the operators, this is also the most important.

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