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The application and development of three major drilling rigs in recent years

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Application and development of three drilling technologies In recent years, three drilling technologies have been developed and widely used. The first is horizontal well drilling technology, the second is underbalanced drilling technology, and the third is deep well drilling technology. The application of the three technologies has achieved remarkable results. In recent years, the application and development of the three major drilling rigs have driven the rise of a number of industries and promoted the renewal of ideas.
The first is to bring about an overall update of the concept, highlighting the aspects of exploration, development and economic growth. At present, China has been playing an ultra-deep well in the past two or three years. The drilling machine has been developed to the present. Due to the application of gas drilling technology, two ultra-deep wells can be drilled in one year, which has produced huge economic benefits.
The second is to bring a comprehensive update of the equipment. At present, all the accessories from the rig to the rig, as well as the downhole tools, have been fully updated and truly developed towards scientific drilling.
Third, the application and development of the three major drilling rigs in recent years have brought about a comprehensive update of the drilling process. For example, gas drilling, pressure-controlled drilling, deep well ultra-deep well technology, especially special process drilling technology are very attractive, such as directional wells, horizontal wells, cluster wells, large displacement wells, complex structural wells and underbalanced drilling.
At present, the large-scale application of these three major drilling technologies has promoted the deep development of drilling technology. It has created in drilling and maneuvering, total drilling, drilling team annual footage, drilling total footage and mechanical drilling speed, especially in deep well speed. A new record in history.

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