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Representatives of party members of Shandong Huaxia Master Machinery Group condolences to the epidemic prevention doctors and nurses

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Recently, the epidemic situation in my country has gradually become severe with the increase of imported cases and local cases. In the face of a new round of epidemics, my country has taken corresponding epidemic prevention measures. All parts of the country have launched a nationwide nucleic acid and one-by-one screening policy. Jining City, Shandong Province has also opened a number of convenient nucleic acid testing points, calling on people in the city to do nucleic acid testing to prevent asymptomatic cases. As of March 21, there were no positive cases in Jining City, Shandong Province.

In order to better support the national epidemic prevention policy, Shandong Huaxia Master Machinery Group carried out the theme activity of "The government protects us, we are grateful to the government". Representatives of the party members of the group participated in this event. The company sent the most sincere greetings and thanks to the three nearby nucleic acid testing points, and thanked the front-line epidemic prevention doctors and nurses for not being afraid and facing difficulties, thanking them for their attention to our lives and safety. , we should also attach importance to the work of epidemic prevention medical staff, actively cooperate with and support their work, give full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of party members, use practical actions to drive and influence people around them, be anxious about the needs of the masses, and think about what the masses think.

Zhang Jilei, general manager of Shandong Huaxia Master Machinery Group, said that since we have enjoyed the government's convenient services, we must be grateful to the government. The Jining Municipal Government in Shandong Province has always adhered to the principle of benefiting the people and benefiting the people. People in the city do not charge any fees for nucleic acid testing, and can guarantee that the nucleic acid report results will be issued within 6-24 hours. This policy of benefiting the people is not only convenient for the people, but also promotes better epidemic prevention work, which is one of the reasons why Jining can keep the epidemic situation zero.

The launch of this event has not only driven the enthusiasm and fighting spirit of all employees of Shandong Huaxia Master Machinery Group for epidemic prevention. It also sent warmth to the epidemic prevention medical staff standing on the front line, making them feel the support from party members and representatives and the general public.The medical staff at the three nucleic acid testing points said: "Thanks to Shandong Huaxia Master Machinery Group for their understanding and support to our medical staff,We will do our due diligence, do a good job in epidemic prevention, strive to win this "epidemic war" with the people of the whole country, and be responsible to the people and the country.

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