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    • Commodity name: KY-6075 steel strand wire exploration drilling rig for metal mine

    1.Applications of KY-6075 steel strand wire exploration drilling rig for metal mine

    (1)The fully hydraulic steel strand wire core drilling rig is suitable for the chamber with complete roof, no broken, no quicksand and no support.

    (2)Horizontal drilling: the chamber requires the height is 2000mm and the width is 2000mm.

    (3)Horizontal lateral drilling: the chamber requires the height 2000mm and the width is 4000mm.

    (4)Vertical upper and lower angle drilling: the chamber requires the height is 4000mm and the width is 2000mm.

    2.Features of KY-6075 steel strand wire exploration drilling rig for metal mine

    (1)It is small in size, light in weight and easy to install. The steel strand wire coring can work in all direction and core without pulling out drill pipe.

    (2)Three parts: the main engine, the pump station, the operating floor.

    (3)It can work in the original transportation and prospecting tunnel, and play a protective role in the overall structure of the mine. It can also be used for 0-90 degree surface drilling.

    (4)The drilling rig is arranged with great flexibility, mechanically screwing and unscrewing drill pipe, so it will reduce labour costs and improve work efficiency.

    (5)With the box feeding frame, gripper tightening, power head rotary drilling, oil cylinder delivery tool, you can get rid of the heavy drilling tower..

    (6)It has the function of linkage, centralized control through operating floor, simple and safe, and no speed regulation.

    (7)Hollow shaft design, drill pipe length is not restricted by drilling rig feed stroke.

    (8)It is easy to disassemble, and the relocation is convenient. Three kinds of drilling pipe, Φ46-Φ56-Φ71, can be used on the same machine. It takes only 15 minutes to replace it.

    (9)Compact operating table; oil pump, water pump, power supply centralized .

    (10)The drawing column is suitable for the high and low lanes.

    (11)The imported oil meter line is subjected to high pressure and its softness will reduce the pressure pulse of high pressure oil, so that it can make the pointer of hydraulic oil table more stable, and can detect the formation and rock changes in time.

    (12)The special custom oil temperature cooler, high pressure oil cooling soon and low temperature application can protect the service life of motor, oil pump and rubber seal.

    3.Advantages of KY6075 steel strand wire exploration drilling rig for metal mine

    (1)To reduce the auxiliary time of the drill pipe and to increase the time of drilling, the deeper the drill hole is, the more significant the economic effect is.

    (2)Reducing labour costs.

    (3)Coring hole jam can immediately solve; this improves coring efficiency.

    (4)Reduce wear and tear of drill pipe thread, prolong drill pipe life and reduce pipe consumption.

    (5)It reduces drill hole wear, twist and collision with the hole wall and prolongs the life of the drill bit.

    (6)Reduce the balance between the washing fluid and the pressure of the hole wall, so as to reduce the accident in the hole.

    (7)Reduce the mechanical wear and increase the service life of driller.

    (8)Reduce the degree of borehole bending and improve the quality of drilling.

    (9)It is good for drilling complex formation and avoiding collapse of hole wall.

    (10)Steel cable can be used to put the clinometer in drill pipe to carry on the survey.

    4.Specifications of drilling tool

    (1)Drill pipe 46mm, core pipe 48mm, drill bit 49mm, reamer 49.5mm, recover core 29mm.

    (2)Drill pipe 56mm, core pipe 58mm, drill bit 60mm, reamer 60.5mm, recover  core 41.5mm.

    (3)Drill pipe 71mm, core pipe 73mm, drill bit 75mm, reamer 75.5mm, recover core 49.5mm.
    5.Specifications of KY-6075 steel strand wire exploration drilling rig for metal mine

    KY-6075 steel strand wire exploration drilling rig for metal mine

    Drilling angle

    tunnel 0-360° / surface 0-90°

    Drilling depth

    46mm steel drill rod : 600m

    56mm Steel drill rod : 550m

    71mm Steel drill rod : 500m

    Spindle rotating number

    800-1060 r/min

    Spindle output torque

    184-550n.m(torque platform test)

    Rated feed force

    60kn (torsion platform test)

    Feed stroke


    Motor power

    oil pump motor 55kw, pump motor 11kw

    Motor model

    L6V80 (Guizhou force source)

    Oil pump model

    80YCY14-1B plunger pump/ 10TCY14-1

    Main engine weight


    Main engine size


    Operating platform weight


    Operating platform size


    Pumping station weight


    Pumping station size

    1340mm* 560mm*1010mm

    Note: The product is continuously improved, and subject to change without notice, please refer to the actual product.

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