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NXB inner suction pump

NXB inner suction pump

Product description

The inner suction pump is a special pump which is suitable for small well drilling equipment and reverse circulation well drilling based on our manufacturing experience and customer feedback for many years. In the process of long-term customer service, the inner suction pump is well received by users. It is called "master pump", suction pump and well killing machine by customers. The inner suction pump (drilling well machine) is divided into single cylinder.

Well press machine and dual cylinder press well machine is different in structure.The inner suction pump adopts piston design, and the inner suction effect is greatly improved.The suction pipe is made of high carbon steel, and the inner aperture is smooth and clean without wear.It has the characteristics of long service life and durability.

Note: The product is continuously improved, and subject to change without notice, please refer to the actual product.

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