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SJD-2A portable electric water well drilling rig

SJD-2A portable electric water well drilling rig

Product description

1.Brief introductions of SJD-2A portable electric water well drilling rig

Electric water well drilling rig are widely used in household/factory water wells, irrigation Wells, installation of water air conditioning, construction piling and so on.

The electric water well drilling rig bit produced by the company can be optionally equipped with drill bit, the price of drill bit is calculated separately.It can also be equipped with a drill pipe, with a diameter of 32mm and the length about 1.8m.

2.Features of SJD-2A portable electric water well drilling rig

The whole machine is about 8KG, and it is easy to carry.Power 220V electric ,household two-phase electrical lighting, motor power 1200W or 1500W.The motor can be multi-stage variable speed, positive and negative, and easy to operate.The well drilling depth can reach 50 meters, the wellhead diameter is 50-180mm, the general drill bit 50-180mm, the special specification can be customized.The diameter of the drill pipe is 32mm or 42mm and a length is 1m to 2m.


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