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SJD-2C automatic water well drilling rig

SJD-2C automatic water well drilling rig

Product description

1.The brief introductions of SJD-2C automatic water well drilling rig

The small civil electricity fully automatic rig is a new and practical new type of rig, which is developed, updated and manufactured on the basis of long well drilling practice and different types of drilling technology and equipment. The automaticwater well drilling rig is easy to install, simple, labor-saving and easy to operate. It can be operated by two people with less investment, quicker returns and higher profits. The cost can be recovered in a month, and benefits can be seen in two months. It is the best choice to earn wealth in water drilling business.

2. The features of SJD-2C automatic water well drilling rig

The small civil electricity fully automatic water well drilling rig occupies a small area (1 square meters) with light weight. The height is2 meters to 3.5 meters, and it can be installed outside the house. After dismantling, the total length is less than 2 meters, and the heaviest part is no more than 40 kilograms. It can be loaded on a small tricycle.

The drilling bit can be replaced by 1 inch, 1.5 inch, 4 inch with different diameter plastic pipe and PVC pipe for deep well. The average working speed is 30 meters per hour. The deepest water well the rig can dill is 180 meters.The well pipe is completely closed, and the shallow water layer has no leakage to make sure that drinking water is perfectly safe and hygienic.

The drilling bit has strong rock breaking ability, and the drill bit is durable and stands wear and tear.The drilling pipe has zinc corrosion resistance and is resistant to rust..

The automatic water well drilling rig is independently developed by our company and solves the problem that the pipe is hard to unload. The lifting and unloading drilling pipes are all mechanized, which is laborsaving , convenient to install, and easy to operate. The rig transfers civilian 220 volt voltage to 60V direct current, which is safe for the worker and operators. The lifting device is set up by electric and manual dual-purpose, even if the power is suddenly cut off.You can also handle it well.

3.Specifications of SJD-2C automatic water well drilling rig

Maximum drilling depth (Verified)

Open hole 100mm,drilling deepth 60m

Open hole 220mm,drilling deepth 80m

Open hole 300mm,drilling deepth 30m

Maximum pump pressure in terms of drilling depth


Input voltage


Maximum opening hole diameter


Configured total power


Drive motor power


Lifting motor power


Maximum lifting weight


Immersible pump power

2.2kw(lift 46m,flow 12m³/h)

Driven-rod rotating speed

150r/min(No load)

Work station floor station


Maximum derrick height


Maximum weight of single piece after decomposition

less than 40kg

Maximum length of single piece after decomposition


Packing volume1


Packing volume2


Total weight (without drill rod)


Drill pipe specification

diameter 42mm:2m /root,5.5kg/root

The number of operators

two people


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