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SJQ gasoline engine water well drilling rig

SJQ gasoline engine water well drilling rig

Product description

1.The brief introductions of gasoline engine water well drilling rig

This gasoline engine water well drilling rig is an ideal tool for drilling families, wells, air conditioning wells and vegetable garden wells, and is an ideal tool for workers engaged in well drilling and reconnaissance.

Diversification equipped with power: gasoline engine can be used as power, or single-phase electric and three-phase electric power can be replaced.

Wide range of adaptation: because the floor area is less than 1 square meters, the height can be controlled around 2.6 meters, so it can be used in the field or indoors.

It is widely used: it can not only drill holes in the drill pipe, but also use the center tube to sample. It can also use positive and negative circulation water to do well.

2.The features of the gasoline engine water well drilling rig

(1)The gasoline engine water well drilling rig consists of gasoline engine, reducer, belt, seat, movable pulley, wire rope, pipe pliers, pulling device, bit broken soil, sealing water gourd, drop box, landing card, pump, water pipe and so on.

(2)The volume of the gasoline engine water well drilling rig is 1*0.7 *0.4m, and the portal frame bar is 2.6 meters high. The total weight is about 150 kilograms. The head of the main engine (including gasoline engine, reducer, water hyacinth and frame) weighs about 50 kilograms, the chassis is 35 kg, the portal frame rod is 17 kg, the drill rod is 3 kg / m, and the other is about 30 kg.

(3)Diameter 28 drill pipe, recommended opening diameter of 120 millimeters, 80 meters deep, the deepest record 100 meters (different soil and water pump, the effect is different). The 34 drill pipe recommends the maximum opening diameter 160 millimeter, the depth is 30 meters. It can be drilled into 10-20 meters in one hour, and 2-3 cents per meter.

Note: The product is continuously improved, and subject to change without notice, please refer to the actual product.

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