KY-200 hydraulic explortation drilling rig for metal mine

1.BriefintroductionsofKY-200 hydraulic explortation drillingrig formetalmineKY-200 hydraulic explortation drillingrig formetalmine iswidelyusedfortunnelandsurfacegeologicalexplorationandcandrilltheholefromanyangle.TheKY-200 hydraulic explortation drillingrig formetalmine adoptsthestructureofallhydraulicpowerheadandconsistsofthreeparts:mainengine,pumpstationandoperationfloor.The hydraulic explortationdrillingrig formetalmine iseasytodisassembleandisconvenienttotransport.Thedrillingrigarrangementisflexible.Drillingpipescrewingandunscrewingismechanized.Itcansavelabourcostandimproveworkefficiency.Andithasinfinitelyvariablespeeds.KY-200 hydraulic explortation drillingrig formetalmine hasthefunctionoflinkage.Itissimpleandsafethroughcontrollingtheoperationfloor.Thespindleofthegyrationadoptsthethroughholestructure. Thelengthofthedrillrodisnotrestrictedbythedrillingmachine,anditcanalsobeappliedtothe diamondwire-linecoringdrilling.2. SpecificationsofKY-200 hydraulic explortation drillingrig formetalmine Drillingpipediameter(mm)3343Outputtorque(n.m)81-295Boreholedepth(m)200160Feedcapability(kn)27Feedingstroke(mm)850Pulloutcapability(kn)20Spindlespeed(r/min)600-2000Motorpower(kw)22


360 degree coring rig Metal mine drill Geological exploration rig


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    • Commodity name: KY-200 hydraulic explortation drilling rig for metal mine

    1.Brief introductions of KY-200 hydraulic exploration drilling rig for metal mine

    KY-200 hydraulic exploration drilling rig for metal mine is widely used for tunnel and surface geological exploration and can drill the hole from any angle. The KY-200 hydraulic exploration drilling rig for metal mine adopts the structure of all hydraulic power head and consists of three parts: main engine, pump station and operation floor. The hydraulic exploration drilling rig for metal mine is easy to disassemble and is convenient to transport. The drilling rig arrangement is flexible. Drilling pipe screwing and unscrewing is mechanized. It can save labour cost and improve work efficiency. And it has infinitely variable speeds.

    KY-200 hydraulic explortation drilling rig for metal mine has the function of linkage. It is simple and safe through controlling the operation floor. The spindle of the gyration adopts the through hole structure. The length of the drill rod is not restricted by the drilling machine, and it can also be applied to the diamond wire-line coring drilling.

    2.Specifications of KY-200 hydraulic exploration drilling rig for metal mine

    Drilling pipe diameter (mm)



    Output torque (n.m)


    Borehole depth (m)



    Feed capability(kn)


    Feeding stroke (mm)


    Pullout capability (kn)


    Spindle speed (r/min)


    Motor power (kw)


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