HZD-P series horizontal engineering water mill drilling rig



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    • Commodity name: HZD-P series horizontal engineering water mill drilling rig

    The HZD-P three-phase electric horizontal engineering watermill drilling rig is also called horizontal directional drilling rig, horizontal sewer tunnels drilling rig, parallel drilling and non-excavation horizontal directional drilling rig. The non-excavation horizontal directional drilling rig adopts high-speed drilling technology and is widely used in directional drilling and coring in engineering construction, non-excavation drilling, municipal engineering pipe jacking, mountain tunneling and tunnel drilling and so on.

    (1)Large-scale drilling operations under non-excavation conditions such as highways, national highways, provincial highways, highways, and railways.

    (2)Non-excavation parallel directional drilling operations such as buildings, overpasses, municipal administration pipeline, and mountain tunnels.

    (3)Suitable for drilling parallel circular holes, tunnel arc tops, semi-circular holes, square holes, venting eyes, large parallel other types of drilling.

    (4)The diameter of the drill hole is more than 1.2 meters (the drilling rig can be customized according to the actual diameter of the drill hole).

    (5)The use of double horizontal column structure, horizontal drilling, 360-degree rotating operation, parallel feeding mode, good stability, simple and labor-saving operation, compact size, easy to move.

    (6)Using high-speed drilling technology and thin-walled diamond drills, can cut high-strength reinforced concrete, granite, ore, limestone, special hard rock, moderately weathered rock, weakly weathered rock.

    (7)High drilling efficiency, accurate hole position, smooth hole wall, good hole quality, no vibration, no noise, environmental protection construction, no damage to underground buried objects, buildings, etc.

    (8)This non-excavation drilling rig is a manual follow-up operation, which can be used by 2 people. When drilling a circular hole, the size is more than 1.2 meters (the larger the hole diameter, the larger the working surface, the easier the manual operation), to ensure that the person can accommodate the operation. The length of the drill tube is 60 cm and the diameter is 16 cm. Drill a circle, the central part of the manual slag removal, every 60 cents in one stage, that is, 60 cm slag removal, and so on, the length of the hole is infinite.

    Note: The product is continuously improved, and subject to change without notice, please refer to the actual product. 

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