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YN27A internal combustion rock drill

YN27A internal combustion rock drill

Product description

1. Introduction of YN27A internal combustion rock drill

The YN27A internal combustion rock drill is widely used in an internal combustion type rock drill for mining, road construction, quarrying, national defense engineering, etc. The rock drill is easy to operate. The rock drill is suitable for areas with no power supply and no wind pressure equipment and temporary engineering with large fluidity. Especially suitable

2. Features of YN27A internal combustion rock drill

  • It is not necessary to replace the internal parts of the machine head, just move the handle as required to operate.
  • The machine is easy to operate, saves time and labor, and has the characteristics of fast cutting speed and high efficiency.
  • The machine has reached the first-class level of similar products and can be completely interchanged with international similar products.
  • Drill holes in the rock, which can be vertically downwards, horizontally upwards less than 45°, and vertically drilled up to six meters.
  • The weight of the main unit is only 27 kg, which is convenient to carry. It is suitable for areas with high mountains, no power supply, no wind pressure equipment and temporary projects with large fluidity.
  • This machine has wide adaptability in both high mountains and flat land, regardless of the extreme heat of 40° or the cold region of minus 40°.

3.Parameters of YN27A internal combustion rock drill

  • Host weight: 27kg
  • Engine type: Single cylinder air-cooled two-stroke gasoline engine
  • Carburetor type: No float
  • Ignition method: Thyristor contactless system
  • Engine capacity:185 cm³
  • Punching speed:≥250mm/min
  • Gasoline and lubricating oil mixing ratio:(By volume):9:1
  • Spark plug electrode gap:0.5-0.7 mm
  • Fuel consumption rate:(Determined when chiseling five holes):≤0.12L/M
  • Impact energy:≥20J
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