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YN27P internal combustion crushing pick

YN27P internal combustion crushing pick

Product description

1.Purpose of YN27P internal combustion crushing pick

YN27P internal combustion impact breaker has the functions of splitting, crushing and shoveling for reinforced concrete, cement pavement, asphalt pavement, frozen soil layer, ice layer, soft ore, soft rock layer, road construction and other occasions. It is widely used in construction and mining. Road construction, quarrying, fire rescue and rescue, national defense engineering, highway maintenance, various demolition, piling, fixed tents, grounding rods and detection of geological pollution and railway repair work.

2. Parameters of YN27P internal combustion crushing pick

  • Host weight: 25kg
  • Contour size: 730*315*229mm
  • Engine type: Single cylinder air-cooled two-stroke gasoline engine
  • Carburetor type: No float
  • Ignition method: Thermistor contactless system
  • Engine piston diameter: 58 mm
  • Engine piston stroke: 70 mm
  • Engine capacity:185 cm³
  • Shank size tail: Hexagon 22*108mm
  • Fuel tank capacity:≥1.14L
  • Gasoline and lubricating oil mixing ratio (by volume): 12:1
  • Spark plug electrode gap: 0.7 ~ 1mm
  • Fuel consumption rate: ≤1.2L/h
  • Impact energy: ≥45J
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