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ZMC-3 hand-held three-heads concrete scabbler

ZMC-3 hand-held three-heads concrete scabbler

Product description

1.Introduction of ZMC-3 hand-held three-heads concrete scabbler

The ZMC-3 hand-held three-heads concrete scabbler chiseling machine is mainly used for reinforcement of various types of buildings such as reservoirs, dam leakage, dangerous bridge reinforcement, power plants, highways, high-speed railways, tunnel letters, etc. The floor treatment before the renovation of various old grounds; removing the damaged part of the ground; the grounding of the epoxy resin; the non-slip surface of the ground; the new surface layering has high effect and high efficiency.

2.Parameters of ZMC-3 hand-held three-heads concrete scabbler

  • Weight: 6KG
  • Number of hits: 3*2400 times/min
  • Discharge volume: 0.9m³
  • Pressure: 5kg
  • Chisel head diameter: 31mm
  • Chisel bundle diameter: 100mm
  • Chiseling ability: 5~10m²/h
  • Chiseling depth: 3~5mm
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