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ZMT-23 enhanced hand-pushing concrete scabbler

ZMT-23 enhanced hand-pushing concrete scabbler

Product description

1.Introduction of ZMT-23 enhanced hand-pushing concrete scabbler

ZMT-23 enhanced hand-pushing concrete scabbler chiseling machine is mainly used for the removal of concrete surface floating slurry on the concrete surface of bridge deck, bridge and parking lot, which is designed to be uniform and rough.

For the treatment of all kinds of old ground before the renovation; remove the damaged ground part; epoxy ground chisel; the ground does not wear surface;

2.Features of ZMT-23 enhanced hand-pushing concrete scabbler

  • The piston sleeve, shaft and chisel head increase the weight and enhance the impact force;
  • Highly sealed silicone sealing device with sufficient gas consumption;
  • Four-edge alloy chisel head, deep chisel, and can be used for multiple.

3.Parameters of ZMT-23 enhanced hand-pushing concrete scabbler

Note:The below-mentioned chiseling ability refers to the reference value of concrete strength between C30 and C40. The concrete strength and the sharpness of the chiseling head are different, and the chiseling efficiency will be different.

  • Weight: 150kg;
  • Impact Frequency: 23*2200Time/Min;
  • Displacement: 3.2M³;
  • Pressure: 6kg;
  • Chisel Head: 23*φ31mm;
  • Chisel Width: 566mm;
  • Chisel Ability: 25-80㎡/h;
  • Chisel Depth: 3-10mm.
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