HZC-20 diesel engine concrete core drilling rig



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    • Commodity name: HZC-20 diesel engine concrete core drilling rig

    Purpose of HZC-20 diesel engine concrete core drilling rig

    HZC-20 diesel engine concrete core drilling rig adopts high-speed cutting technology and is matched with thin-wall diamond drill bits. It is widely used for drilling and coring in engineering construction, municipal engineering, equipment installation engineering, construction quality inspection and other fields. So we can conduct compressive and flexural tests on concrete, asphalt pavement and limestone foundation of highways, airports, ports and dams, to drill anchor bolt holes for installing large machinery, equipment and  bridge handrails and traffic safety protection railings to drill holes.

    2.Features of HZC-20 diesel engine concrete core drilling rig

    (1)Double column structure and spiral feeding mode are adopted with good stability and simple operation and labor saving.It is equipped with wheel, which is easy to move.

    (2)The use of high-speed cutting technology and thin-wall diamond drill supporting, can drill and cut high strength reinforced concrete, high drilling efficiency, accurate hole location, hole wall smooth, good hole quality, complete core smooth, small vibration, no damage to the building.

    (3)The machine adopts diesel engine power, convenient to buy oil, larger output torque.

    3.Parameters of HZC-20 diesel engine concrete core drilling rig

    (1)Drilling diameter: 200mm (if larger hole size is needed, please specify)

    (2)Drilling depth: 700mm (greater depth can be drilled with connecting rod or extended mandrel)

    (3)Engine: electrically start diesel engine

    (4)Power: 10 HP, 13 HP

    (5)Output speed: 800-1500 RPM

    (6)Weight: 200kg

    Note: The product is continuously improved, and subject to change without notice, please refer to the actual product. 

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