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HZQ-20T trailer type concrete core drilling rig

HZQ-20T trailer type concrete core drilling rig

Product description

1.Purpose of HZQ-20T trailer type concrete core drilling rig

HZQ-20T trailer type concrete core drilling rig adopts high-speed cutting technology and is matched with thin-wall diamond drill bits. It is widely used in drilling and coring in engineering construction, municipal engineering, equipment installation engineering, construction quality inspection and other fields.Conduct compressive and flexural tests on concrete, asphalt pavement and limestone foundation of highways, airports, ports and DAMS, install large machinery and equipment to drill anchor bolt holes, and install bridge handrails and traffic safety protection railings to drill holes.

2.Features of HZQ-20T trailer type concrete core drilling rig

(1)the machine can greatly reduce the work intensity, one or two people can operate.

(2)Core removal efficiency can be increased by more than 4 times.

(3)The machine has its own water tank, which can make the machine body more stable, the core size standard and the surface more smooth.

(4)The stable body lengthens the service life of the drill bit when drilling and coring.

(5)the tank below the design of a toolbox, reduce the work with another tool trouble.

3.Parameters of HZQ-20T trailer type concrete core drilling rig

(1)Drilling diameter: 200mm

(2)Drilling core depth: 700mm

(3)Power: 13 HP gasoline engine

(4)Starting mode: electric starting

(5)Spindle speed: 1100-1500r/min

(6)Weight: 400kg

(7)External size: 2200*1400*1600mm

Note: The product is continuously improved, and subject to change without notice, please refer to the actual product. 

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