SH30-2D crawler engineering survey drilling rig



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    • Commodity name: SH30-2D crawler engineering survey drilling rig

     1. Introduction of SH30-2D crawler engineering survey drilling rig

    The SH30-2D crawler-type engineering drilling rig is upgraded on the basis of the SH30-2A drilling rig. The rig can be used in the fourth-century cover layer of cultivated soil, cohesive soil, sand pebbles, various miscellaneous filling soil, etc., mainly used in sand gold mine exploration, industrial construction and civil construction, as well as highway, railway, bridge and other engineering geological survey work.

    2. Features of SH30-2D crawler engineering survey drilling rig

    (1) Equipped with rubber steel wire tracks, easy to move, improve work efficiency, walking on urban roads will not hurt the road surface.

    (2)Equipped with hydraulic legs for leveling of drilling rig to ensure the stability of the fuselage.

    (3)Equipped with hydraulic lifting and folding rig, safe and efficient work.

    (4) The power of the host and crawler chassis is electrically started, saving time and effort.

    3.SH30-2D crawler engineering survey drilling rig impact tool

    The tools used for percussion drilling include pull joints, weight rods, percussion rods, guide tubes, and percussion drill bits. When taking soil samples, the drilling tools used are the same as above, except that the impact bit is replaced with a borrower.

    The tools for removing sand and pebbles with a sand-lifting cylinder include a lifting joint, a weighting rod, a live joint, and a sand-lifting cylinder. A casing is needed when drilling in the sand layer and the pebble layer to protect the hole wall from collapsing. Generally, a complete set of free pliers and chain pliers are used to reciprocate and push down with the impact.

    Note: The product is continuously improved, and subject to change without notice, please refer to the actual product.

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