TRZD-2P soil horizontal drilling machine




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    • Commodity name: TRZD-2P soil horizontal drilling machine

    1.Brief introduction of TRZD-2P soil horizontal drilling machine

    The TRZD-2P soil horizontal drilling machine is a two-phase electric drilling machine for horizontal drilling in the soil. The drilling machine is equipped with a hydraulic pump station, which runs smoothly and has stable torque output. It is now widely used in tap water, radio and television, Underground crossing operations such as China Mobile and China Unicom. The drilling machine is small in size and light in weight, can be constructed in a small space, and can be carried and moved smoothly by a single person, which solves the problems of large machinery that cannot be installed due to small space or high construction cost due to small engineering volume.

    2.Features of TRZD-2P soil horizontal drilling machine

    The main engine of the drilling rig can be steplessly adjusted to meet the drilling requirements of different soil layers.

    The main machine is equipped with a reverse switch, which can realize the forward and reverse rotation of the drilling tool and facilitate the unloading of the rod.

    The drilling rig is equipped with hydraulic pump station, hydraulic motor and double chains to realize the forward and backward movement of the main engine, which greatly improves the drilling efficiency.

    The hydraulic pump station is equipped with extended hydraulic tubing and extended wired remote control, which can control the forward and backward of the host from a long distance.

    Easy to operate, high efficiency, can be used with or without experience.

    3.TRZD-2P type soil horizontal drilling machine parameters

    Model number


    Operating Voltage


     Host power


    Main engine rate of revolution


    Pump power


    Pump station pressure


    Drill pipe specifications


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