16-channel high-density water-finder



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    • Commodity name: 16-channel high-density water-finder

    1.Introduction to 16-channel high-density water-finder

    The 16-channel high-density water-finder is a real-time imaging intelligent water-finder jointly developed by Shandong Master Machinery Group and Jining Master Machinery Research Institute. The water-finder uses 16-channel simultaneous input measurement to obtain a stable field source, which not only solves The natural electric field changes at any time, and the error caused by multiple movement of the electrode in the same profile is avoided, which solves the shortcoming of different repeated measurement data profiles of single-channel instruments. The 16-channel high-density water finder comes standard with 10.1-inch Android system touch screen real-time imaging, and the instrument screen, mobile phone screen, and computer screen are interoperable. 1-16 measurement channels can be selected, and wireless probes or water search can be optional The hoop rod can switch the measurement mode of MN electrode and TT probe, which is very convenient for field operation.At present, the 16-channel high-density water-finding instrument mainly guides well drilling and water extraction operations by judging the location, depth, and output of groundwater and other related information, and accurately locates the location, depth and flow direction of groundwater before drilling to improve the success rate of drilling . Now it is widely used in detailed investigation and general survey of regional hydrogeology, and has been widely recognized by customers.

    2.Features of 16-channel high-density water-finder

    Automatic imaging: The 10.1 cun Android system touch screen intelligently generates 2D, 3D and curve images in real time.

    Accurate and stable: Solve the shortcomings of inconsistencies and changes in the intensity of natural electromagnetic field sources, and the accuracy is greatly improved.

    Three screen intercommunication: the instrument screen, mobile phone screen, computer screen intercommunication.

    Intelligent and flexible: 1-16 channels are optional, and electromagnetic probe can be selected for TT probe measurement mode, and it also supports wireless connection to find water golden cock.

    3.Parameters of 16-channel high-density water-finder







    Maximum depth(m)






    Channel input

    16 channels input at the same time, the maximum electrode spacing is 2.5m

    Channel selection


    Optional depth

    Optional within maximum depth

    The depth of the layer


    Connection method

    Serial port, Wifi, Bluetooth 4.0, USB (optional 4G communication)

    Display screen

    10.1 cun IPS wide-angle 178° visible touch screen (1024×600)

    operating system

    Android 6.0.1


    ARM Cortex-A7(AD24 is 1Msps)

    The main function

    Optional depth, optional channel number, real-time 2D/3D drawing, removable battery

    Measurement mode


    Measuring range


    Frequency range (HZ)



    Frequency selective filtering

    Preset frequency selection and intelligent frequency selection, analog + data filtering 1-16 times overlay optional




    Sampling time (seconds)



    Battery power consumption


    Host weight


    Note: The product is continuously improved, and subject to change without notice, please refer to the actual product. 

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