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JDLE-800 Electronically Controlled Top Drive Core Drilling Rig

JDLE-800 Electronically Controlled Top Drive Core Drilling Rig

Product description

1. Application of JDLE-800 electronically controlled top drive core drilling rig

JDLE-800 drilling rig is a crawler-type electronically controlled top-drive core drilling rig jointly developed by Shandong Mater Machinery Group and Jining Master Machinery Research Institute. It is mainly used for core drilling of large and small diameters and engineering geological exploration projects mainly based on alloys and diamonds.

2. Working principle of JDLE-800 electronically controlled top drive core drilling rig

The JDLE-800 drilling rig is an electronically controlled top-drive drilling equipment. It uses the generator set as the power source of the power head, and drives the drill pipe to perform rotary drilling through the servo motor; On the other hand, the hydraulic pump is driven by the diesel engine to provide power for the drilling rig crawler walking, power head propulsion and lifting, hydraulic mud pump, hydraulic gripper, etc. Through the operation of the control valve on the control box assembly, the hydraulic cylinder can complete various predetermined actions; The rotation speed of the drilling rig is controlled by the servo motor, and the stepless speed regulation is realized by manipulating the knob. Relevant parameters are visually displayed on the display screen, which is convenient for real-time mastering and correction of drilling rig operating parameters.

3. Main features of JDLE-800 electronically controlled top drive core drilling rig

(1) The drilling rig adopts the electric-controlled top drive power head structure, and the energy consumption is greatly reduced compared with the hydraulic top drive.

(2) The single feeding stroke is up to 3300mm, which can save a lot of rod-reversing work, and the drilling efficiency is high.

(3) It adopts a simple faucet design, the sealing method is reliable, and the maintenance and replacement are simple and quick.

(4) Equipped with AC servo motor drive, strong overload capacity, sensitive speed regulation, simple and reliable.

(5) Hydraulic crawler walking, easy to operate, time-saving and labor-saving when moving the machine.

(6) The feeding and lifting of the power head adopts the double-speed mechanism, and the efficiency of lifting the drill rod and connecting the rod is high.

(7) The power head adopts an automatic side shifting mechanism, which is convenient for coring operation.

4. Technical parameters of JDLE-800 electronically controlled top drive core drilling rig

JDLE-800 electronically controlled top drive core drilling rig

Working formation

Loose soil layer and bedrock (hardness F6~20)

Drilling method

Top drive electric rotary hydraulic propulsion, mud drilling

Drilling capacity

NQ rope drilling


Drilling angle



Rated power


Rated speed


Power head


Servo motor37kW/1500rpm

Rotation speed

High speed: 0~1160r/min

Low speed:0~605r/min



High speed: 2200N.m

Low speed: 4200N.m

Power head stroke


Ground clearance


Feed system

Lifting force


 Propulsion force


Hydraulic winch (optional)

Rope winch lifting force


Generator power

50kw (optional)

Drill pipe

Drill pipe diameter

NQ rope drill pipe

Drill pipe length


Crawler chassis

Walking speed




Overall size

Transport status


Working status


Total weight


Note: The product is continuously improved, and subject to change without notice, please refer to the actual product.

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